The world’s first flawless soft drink

Elderflower & Lime Mandarin & Cranberry Lemon & Ginger

Great tasting, sparkling fruit infusions with only 49 calories per bottle


no sweeteners    ♥   ABSOLUTELY NO NASTIES

No additives      no preservatives

  All natural ingredients     


At last, a soft drink that has it all

Inspired by an ancient Japanese infusion process, KOJI is made with our own secret blend of carbonated spring water and a complex extract of natural fruits. We add a few gentle bubbles and absolutely nothing else.

Some recent quotes:- 

Fiona Beckett of The Guardian:- “the slightly herby lemon and ginger is really rather delicious”

Sheena Correa, Editor - eat in & My favourite recipes:- "a good and a refreshingly light drink, best served ice-cold. I really liked the elderflower one, as the lime complemented the sweet elderflower well"

Holly Treacy. Bodyfit Magazine: "I loved the elderflower flavour, it was really light, crisp and refreshing. Plus, at just 49 calories you can enjoy the delicious tipple without the worry of piling on the pounds"

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